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4 Ways to Choose the Best Smart Passive Income Blueprint

When it comes to building an online business there are a lot of different options. Some good and some not so good. Overall you want to find a plan that will make you a smart passive income so that you are not wasting time and energy on strategies on things that will never make you any money or build long term success.

The tricky part comes when trying to decide what business plan to follow. There are so many paths to choose from and it can get very overwhelming, very quickly.

So here are four tips on choosing a winning strategy that will help you weed through the different courses and products out there on the market today…

The first thing you want to look for is something that sounds realistic. It seems like all sales pages for internet marketing promise outrageous things and are very hyped up but it does not have to be this way. In fact, the less hype the better in my opinion. You are not going to be a millionaire three months from now and you don’t want to even entertain the thought of buying something that promises this kind of result. Stick to stuff that seems legit and authentic. The old saying is true here: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Another important thing is to make sure that the course or product you are buying comes with some sort of support aspect. Making a passive income online is not easy and you will get stuck sometimes and need help. You want to follow a leader who will offer contact information and who actually answers their help desk personally. Another point here is making sure you have a money back guarantee so that if it turns out to be shady or a bad product you are protected.

You also want to make sure the strategies that are being taught are something you are interested in doing. If you don’t like writing you do not want to buy a course that is based solely on blogging and content creation. Unless you are able to outsource all of this upfront you want to stick with things you are comfortable with because this will help you take action. If you sign up for something you don’t enjoy doing it will be put on the back burner and you will procrastinate and nothing will get done.

Lastly, in that same line of thought you want something that is attainable. If you have a very small budget upfront (which most of us do) then you want to make sure you are not signing up to do something like PPC or any other paid advertising because you will not be able to afford it. Stick with something that will lean heavily on free or very low cost methods and something that offers alternatives until you are able to get income rolling in and can afford a higher marketing budget.

Hopefully these tips will help when looking for a blueprint or guide to making an online business. It is not always an easy process but with the right guide it will be a whole lot easier than trying to go it alone.


Keys to Making a Smart Passive Income

One of the common pitfalls of internet marketers is that they want to work for themselves and have the freedom and the money but sometimes in their quest to make an online empire they end up working even more than they did at a regular, full time job with an employer. If you want to make a truly smart passive income that will run itself over time and require less and less effort not more and more then read on.

You want to follow the “work smarter, not harder” way of thinking.

As an affiliate almost everything that is put in to place to generate an income can be put on autopilot if structured correctly. Obviously being a product owner requires the daily things like customer service and order fulfillment and possibly even dealing with employees if things are really on a large scale.

Personally, this is why I choose to work only as an affiliate. I have done retail/customer service most of my working years and decided enough is enough and went to work for myself. I did not want that aspect and work for my customers. I want to truly live life on my own terms and building a solid passive income is really the only way I see that as a daily reality.

So here is where you want to build your sites and campaigns around products or services that are evergreen. That just means they are things that sell all the time. They are not going to become outdated any time soon. A lot of marketers jump into launches and trendy items and this is an effective strategy but it does require more work to keep your income at a stable level. If you start off promoting things that will last you automatically will have less work because you won’t constantly have to be fighting to find new products to stay on top. This in and of itself makes your business create a passive income.

Another thing is to keep organized and on top of all your projects. If you dive into too many things it is just creating more work over the long run because you will end up wasting time and energy jumping around and not being as efficient as possible.

Lastly you want to asses where you are every so often, three to six months, and at some point start delegating the more daily tasks such as website maintenance or occasional blog posting to keep things fresh and by delegating I mean outsourcing. There are a number of ways to do this and while all the specifics are outside the scope of this article the main thing to take away is that you need to realize that time is money and that your time would be better spent in certain areas over others. A lot of people are intimidated by this process but to truly create a passive business it will need to be part of the picture sooner or later.

All these things will help you keep moving forward and building your smart passive income business in a progressive way that will enable you to free up your time and not just tie yourself up to your office chair.


Keeping Your Eye on the Prize: Smart Passive Income

In the day to day life things can get a little crazy and things fall through the cracks. It happens to the best of us. When trying to find success online and build a smart passive income it can sometimes get tricky to prioritize and make sure that things are getting done and always moving forward.

I personally struggle with this and I am not even as busy as some people. But between working full time, commuting, and trying to find time with family and friends it can get a little hectic. It’s in these moments that I just have to take a step back and really focus on the big picture again and not just the things directly in front of me.

I have to take a moment and remember my goal is to create a passive income business that will allow me to work for myself full time and have that time with family and friends whenever I want and the financial freedom I am looking for.

The things I try to do on a practical level when I get into this place are remind myself of my goals and then find ways to get back on track.

For me the best strategy is to make a to-do list of all the things I need to complete and then at the top put a timeline on it. So if I look at the list and thing maybe it is do-able in a weekend I’ll put the next weekend dates down as the goal of completion. This helps me really see everything and be able to put a realistic goal down on paper.

Another effective strategy that I have found is really more applicable in situations when I am just feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed or even find myself with a lack of motivation (aka…lazy J )

In those times the best thing is to pull out your list. Mine says “Passive Income Goals” at the very top and then it lists all the things I want to do when I get to my income goals. Things like travel, new car, new house, help family with finances, be able to pay off student loans, etc. Whatever it may be for you personally it is very important to write these things down in detail and then refer back whenever you need an extra kick to get working.

A lot of people overlook goal making but it really has helped me a lot in my internet marketing journey and I find it is absolutely essential. And a lot of the big name marketers agree, it is a key to success. So do not brush that off or say it is corny and unnecessary. Take it seriously, spend ten to fifteen minutes writing or typing up your goal list and then post it somewhere you will see it often. Especially in these moments of struggle.

There have been many moments where I could have walked away from internet marketing and my dreams of a better life but I didn’t and that really is the number one reason why I am successful today is because I did not give up. I started taking action and learned from my mistakes and moved on. That’s it. Focus on the prize, passive income, and just always remember that and you will succeed.




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