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As a freelance writer I have worked with several clients on a wide range of projects. Here are some reviews from my past clients about my writing:


Sharon: “It looks great and reads very well!  No doubt Rachael recommended you for good reason!!!   Your ideas for the other chapters are terrific!! The material is great and you did an awesome job on expanding on the information I gave you. Thanks so much!!”


Brad: “Awesome! Thanks!”


Jenn: “I’m so sorry I didn’t write back sooner — your section is (as I expected!) absolutely fantastic! We’ll work out the details soon, but I definitely want you on board!!!”


Rachel: “Working with Danielle was a great experience. She writes in a very straightforward, easy-to-read manner that’s extremely accessible for people.

She organizes her content well and can get people motivated through the written word, which I love.

She also communicated well through our product, got things done according to our deadlines, and was very friendly. I’d recommend working with her!”


Michaela: “Your writing is accessible and appealing, and I found the report to be convincing enough to make me want to go out and try a green smoothie! I thought the inclusion of a FAQ section was also a good idea.”


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